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As economic, social and community drivers change, so do the needs of real estate and development professionals.

Atwell is the partner that thinks ahead and anticipates challenges to help you build a winning development strategy. Our real estate development experts have spent their careers helping investors and developers maximize quality, profits and appeal. Atwell has gained the reputation as a trusted advisor to investors, developers and managers in the built environment.


Single and multi-family developments; manufactured home communities; build-to-rent; master-planned communities; urban infill; and senior living.


Retail developments; office buildings; mixed-use projects; processing facilities; and healthcare.


Institutional (preschool facilities, K-12 environments, and higher education campuses); hospitality; and proving grounds.

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  1. Site Selection / Land Control
  2. Desktop Studies / Due Diligence
  3. Land Planning / Landscape Architecture
  4. Urban Design
  5. GIS and Mapping
  6. Land Surveying
  7. Natural and Ecological Resources
  8. Environmental Services
  9. Water Resource Management
  10. Engineering Services
  11. Construction Services
  12. Real Estate Support
  13. Redevelopment Services
  14. Sustainable Design
Atwell Group
Site Selection / Land Control

Atwell's in-house site selection consultants take a methodical and detailed approach to site selection that includes assessing potential locations, analyzing shortlisted sites, and assisting with negotiating terms of the selected site.

Atwell Group
Desktop Studies / Due Diligence

Atwell's due diligence experts develop a comprehensive, customized checklist that includes title policy with copies of all exceptions; topography map; geotechnical and soils report; phase 1 environmental report; zoning verification; utility verification and fee schedules; impact fees; compliance with local codes; cultural resources/historical survey; endangered species study; and wetland delineation. This area-specific review helps eliminate risk and assure project success.

Atwell Group
Land Planning / Landscape Architecture

Our land planning professionals thoughtfully develop strategy to approach site or project objectives, accomplish maximum property yields and create value for future project phases. Through this process, we pursue consensus between developers, communities and key stakeholders, reducing friction and obstacles during project permitting and entitlement activities. Atwell's landscape architects employ an interactive approach to landscape architecture through a four-step design process - visualization, customization, integration and implementation.

Atwell Group
Urban Design

Atwell's engineers, planners, landscape architects and environmental consultants coordinate to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces within a city. They develop creative solutions that encourage a sense of community and connection to the land and nearby environment, whether rural or urban.

Atwell Group
GIS and Mapping

The use of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) compiles data so it can be viewed and interpreted to reveal relationships and trends. It can also combine traditionally fragmented data into an integrated asset management solution. Atwell offers a dedicated GIS consulting, analysis and mapping team that supports our clients involved in the development of large land parcels, multiple locations or the ongoing management of property portfolios.

Atwell Group
Land Surveying

Atwell offers the full range of survey services for real estate and land development clients, including boundary surveys, ALTA/NSPS title surveys, topographic and hydrographic surveys, planimetric surveys, land division/subdivision plats, Condominium Documentation Drawings, Easement Exhibits for Acquisition or Dedication, Lot-Fit Studies, Plot Plans & House Staking, FEMA/Flood Plain Elevation Certificates, High-Resolution Laser Scanning, Monitoring Well Surveys, Landfill Capping, Volumetric Surveying & Closure As-Builts, Industrial Plant Surveying, Control and Baseline Establishment, Construction & Underground Utility Layout, and Construction As-Builts/Record Drawings.

Atwell Group
Natural and Ecological Resources

From site selection through post-construction compliance, Atwell's ecologists and biologists pursue your project objectives. They work alongside engineers and contractors to alert you to potential environmental disturbances and their impact on project feasibility, scope, and schedule. Aggressive design, permitting, and mitigation strategies are employed to maximize land use and minimize threats to regional species, watersheds, and ecosystems.

Atwell Group
Environmental Services

To help you successfully comply with local, state, and federal regulations that affect your real estate interests, our environmental engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, and regulatory specialists offer a diverse range of services and technical expertise to meet any environmental challenge. Our teams provide a variety of soil, water, and air assessments for transactional real estate requirements, as well as environmentally challenged properties and facilities.

Atwell Group
Water Resource Management

Atwell routinely provides master planning services to design and expand water, wastewater, and reclaimed water systems, while managing the available surface or groundwater quantity and quality. In addition, Atwell's professionals have strong backgrounds in providing water/wastewater design and construction management for improvements to existing facilities, in addition to new site development.

Atwell Group
Engineering Services

Atwell's civil engineering services are the technical foundation of successful construction projects. In addition to the traditional engineering activities, today's projects demand professionals who can successfully navigate critical regulatory constraints, functional demands, and environmental concerns. Our specialized teams strive to balance these forces through sound design, aggressive project management, and continual stakeholder engagement.

Atwell Group
Construction Services

Gain a more comprehensive understanding of project options and potential through the engagement of construction professionals. Atwell delivers continuity and efficiency to complex projects and programs by facilitating design, permitting and construction activities, while reducing time spent coordinating vendors, tasks and schedules.

Atwell Group
Real Estate Support

Buying or improving property starts with decision-making data necessary to make a sound investment and minimize exposure to risk. Atwell packages transaction and management services to efficiently provide reports, evaluations and recommendations based on the objective, property and investment.

Atwell Group
Redevelopment Services

Environmental modeling and analysis are necessary to help clients understand remediation risk and cost, as well as how to avoid and manage contamination risk during construction or operation. Atwell's geologists and specialists provide complete remediation solutions, as well as financial and technical models for infill and redevelopment opportunities.

Atwell Group
Sustainable Design

Atwell has supported sustainable, low-impact and LEED-certified developments for a wide variety of clients in the real estate and land development markets. In evaluating a client's project drivers, Atwell reviews opportunities to incorporate cost-effective, innovative design strategies, construction methods and building technologies. Redevelopment projects which return blighted and often contaminated properties back to a functional, revenue-generating state are another example of adaptive reuse and efficient building efforts.

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