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The unprecedented expansion and diversification in the power generation, delivery and distribution markets have changed the landscape of development requirements, options and projects.

Atwell has built a team of experienced power engineers, surveyors, planners, biologists, development and construction professionals who combine the agility and responsiveness necessary to meet aggressive deadlines with a dedication to risk management, environmental compliance, safety and quality results.

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  1. Due Diligence
  2. Desktop Studies
  3. Site Selection / Land Control
  4. GIS and Mapping
  5. Power System / Quality Studies
  6. Site Design
  7. Permitting Strategy
  8. Meeting and Agency Support
  9. Environmental Services
  10. Surveying
  11. Civil Engineering Services
  12. Electrical Engineering Services
  13. Owners Engineering
  14. Construction and Construction Management Services
  15. EPC / Program Management
  16. Agency Support
  17. Commissioning
  18. Operational Support
  19. Additional Services
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Due Diligence

Atwell's due diligence professionals develop a comprehensive, customized checklist that includes title policy with copies of all exceptions; topographic map; ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey; geotechnical and soils report; Phase 1 environmental report; zoning verification; utility verification and fee schedules; impact fees; compliance with local codes; cultural resources/historical survey; endangered species study; and wetland delineation.

With our knowledge across all aspects of project development, Atwell can provide comprehensive due diligence support, from asset evaluations and bid development support, through GIS mapping and prospecting support. Our transactional support offered includes: Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) due diligence associated with acquisition of assets; Critical review to identify repowering opportunities; acquisition and integration support, including auditing and development of programmatic changes; in-house support for a range of potential acquisition targets.

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Desktop Studies

Atwell's power and energy market experts will compile and analyze pre-existing relevant data to identify operating areas, develop route and vicinity plans of electrical infrastructure, and design appropriate survey programs prior to field survey mobilization.

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Site Selection / Land Control

Even the most preliminary project surveys and studies often require access to impacted parcels. As a project evolves, securing right of entry becomes a critical activity. Atwell supports the selection, negotiation and acquisition process through a network of national land agents, in-house project managers and document professionals focused on quality, delivery, landowner engagement and timely project execution.

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GIS and Mapping

The use of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) compiles data so it can be viewed and interpreted to reveal relationships and trends. It can also combine traditionally fragmented data into an integrated asset management solution. Atwell offers a dedicated GIS consulting, analysis and mapping team that supports our clients involved in the development of power and energy projects.

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Power System / Quality Studies

Atwell's physical, protection and control engineering team offers comprehensive power system analysis and quality studies. Our analysis and studies, which include transmission interconnect, load flow/voltage drop, short circuit, relay setting, power quality, power factor correction, motor starting, harmonic filters, AC/DC drive, grounding systems, stray voltage, energy consumption, sub-synchronous harmonic resistance, and neutral current elimination, provide clients with the data necessary to make informed decisions.

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Site Design

From wind turbine, solar array, or battery storage location to access roads, Atwell's designers focus on efficiency and optimal use of a site, so landowners are faced with minimal impact to their property. As part of the site design, Atwell will consider all the project stakeholders, setbacks, project constraints, existing utility easements, site access. Atwell utilizes a set of software tools that allow its site design to seamlessly integrate with other aspects of its detailed design.

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Permitting Strategy

Atwell’s multidisciplinary, experienced team of natural resource professionals works alongside engineers, land agents, and contractors to understand potential disturbances and determine the permitting strategy (local, State, and Federal) that will be required for a project. Our experts will work with you to develop strategies while identifying efficiencies throughout the permitting processes.

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Meeting and Agency Support

Atwell acts as an extension of our clients' staff, providing representation at meetings (local, state, or federal), presenting project information to landowner organizations, agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and engaging in community outreach.

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Environmental Services

To help you successfully comply with local, state, and federal regulations, our environmental engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, and regulatory specialists offer a diverse range of services and technical expertise to meet any environmental challenge. In addition, Atwell’s diverse natural resources team can help you efficiently evaluate project feasibility by combining technology and field data; anticipating and overcoming regulatory roadblocks; and fulfilling your permit and compliance requirements.

Atwell Group

Atwell offers the full range of survey services for power and energy clients, including electric transmission corridor surveys, substation POI mapping, wire insulator surveys, boundary surveys, ALTA/NSPS title surveys, topographic and LIDAR surveys, drone based photography/mapping, planimetric surveys, easement exhibits for acquisition or dedication, FEMA/Flood plain Elevation Certificates, high-resolution laser scanning, volumetric surveying and closure as-builts, control and baseline establishment, construction staking, and construction as-builts/record drawings.

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Civil Engineering Services

Atwell's civil engineering services are the technical foundation of successful construction projects. In addition to the traditional engineering activities, today's projects demand professionals who can successfully navigate critical regulatory constraints, functional demands, and environmental concerns. Our specialized teams strive to balance these forces through sound design, aggressive project management, and continual stakeholder engagement.

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Electrical Engineering Services

Atwell’s power engineering teams offer clients in the generation, transmission and distribution markets the information they need to make decisions, and the design solutions to successfully execute them. With decades of experience and thousands of projects completed, our specialized electrical engineers collaborate to deliver substation/switchyard, transmission, distribution and power system projects to power generation developers, electric cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, EPC contractors, large industrial customers and municipalities.

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Owners Engineering

As the Owner’s Engineer, Atwell provides its owners with fully integrated design and engineering solutions. Once the project concept is approved, Atwell executes or oversees the balance of plant drawings, prepares bid documents, secures project permits and oversees construction activities from startup to commissioning and handover.

Atwell Group
Construction and Construction Management Services

Atwell offers the opportunity to gain a more comprehensive understanding of project options and potential through the engagement of construction management support. We deliver continuity and efficiency to complex projects and programs by facilitating design, permitting and construction activities, while reducing time spent coordinating vendors, tasks and schedules. Our project managers become experts on our client’s goals and preferences, acting as an extension of their in-house team.

Atwell Group
EPC / Program Management

Through Strategic Construction Solutions (An Atwell Company) Strategic Construction Solutions, at Atwell company is the construction services firm specializing in Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) for the power and energy market. We can provide full-service consulting, construction management and EPC services through a turnkey approach and collaboration effort, which allows us to maximize project value and minimize development timelines.

Atwell and Strategic Construction Solutions can help power and energy clients accelerate their development goals without the need for additional internal resources. By building a solid understanding of our client’s development program and operational goals, our team creates innovative program solutions to meet their business needs. We coordinate resources while managing links between projects, allowing us to bring incredible value to project after project, providing expertise and standardization to your development program.

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Agency Support

Atwell acts as an extension of our clients' staff, providing representation at local government agency meetings, presenting project information to landowner organizations, and engaging in community outreach.

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Atwell's commissioning team will ensure all systems and components are designed, installed, tested, and operate according to your operational requirements.

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Operational Support

Atwell customizes our post-construction monitoring services to meet our clients' needs. Whether for a wind or solar farm, or high-voltage power lines, our experts can conduct daily wildlife monitoring, as well as site structure monitoring.

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Additional Services

In addition to the turnkey services related to terrestrial greenfield development, Atwell also has experts available to support your more complex projects including:

Repowering Support
Brownfield Redevelopment
Co-location projects
Offshore Wind Consulting (and land-based infrastructure engineering)
Microgrid Support

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