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Atwell has extensive project management, surveying, right of way services, engineering and environmental experience to provide our clients a "turn-key" solution for all types Oil and Gas projects.

We maintain a deep bench of Oil and Gas experts and can leverage hundreds of professionals across the country, providing a broad spectrum of solutions to the industry. From exploration and production, pipelines and facilities, logistics, storage, and processing, Atwell’s services allow clients to make informed decisions, navigate regulatory environments and execute their projects on time and on budget.

As a team, Atwell provides solutions for a number of unique energy transition projects such as Well Pad/Compressor Electrification, Carbon Capture Sequestration and Renewable Natural Gas services.

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  1. Program Management
  2. FEED Studies
  3. Routing Services
  4. Permitting Strategy
  5. Land and ROW Services
  6. Pipeline Surveying
  7. GIS
  8. Mapping
  9. Environmental Compliance and Permitting
  10. Facilities Engineering
  11. Pipeline Engineering
  12. Construction Monitoring
  13. As-Builts
  14. Drone/UAV Technology
  15. 3D Laser Scanning
  16. Optics
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Program Management

Atwell delivers continuity and efficiency to complex projects and programs by facilitating design, permitting and construction activities, while reducing time spent coordinating vendors, tasks and schedules. Our team becomes experts on your goals and preferences, acting as an extension of your in-house team, and is able to add flexible resources on a per-project basis.

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FEED Studies

Atwell’s FEED (Front End Engineering Design) Studies provide exceptional detail and accuracy which assists in identifying and procuring long lead materials in advance of your project’s detailed design.

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Routing Services

Atwell uses the latest GIS mapping technology, proprietary and open-source data as well as, effective methods of maps, photographs, and field surveys to determine the most cost-effective pipeline alignment.

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Permitting Strategy

Atwell's industry experts are knowledgeable on the requirements specific to Oil & Gas permitting requirements and work with you to develop strategies to smooth the process for local, State and Federal permits.

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Land and ROW Services

Atwell supports the selection, negotiation, and acquisition process through a network of national land agents, in-house project managers, and document professionals focused on quality, landowner engagement, and timely project execution.

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Pipeline Surveying

Atwell is proud to provide clients with experienced, proven pipeline surveyors who take a practical, functional approach to solving client needs through accurate and timely execution and delivery.

Atwell Group

Atwell offers GIS services to assist with planning and regulatory tasks at all points in the value chain; from locating the right drilling location, lease checks, pipeline routing, area classification studies, HCA/MCA analysis, and detailed route and right of way mapping. The use of a GIS database serves as a centralized hub for the collection, analysis of information.

Atwell Group

Atwell provides advanced mapping services to include alignment sheets, plat production and site-specific drawings.

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Environmental Compliance and Permitting

From site selection through post-construction compliance, Atwell's environmental engineers, ecologists, biologists, and regulatory specialists pursue your project objectives. They work alongside engineers and contractors to alert you to potential environmental disturbances and their impact on project feasibility, scope, and schedule. Aggressive design, permitting, and mitigation strategies are employed to maximize land use and minimize threats to regional species, watersheds, and ecosystems.

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Facilities Engineering

Atwell’s multi-discipline engineering teams provide the technical foundation of successful construction projects. In addition to the traditional engineering activities, today’s projects demand professionals who can successfully navigate critical regulatory constraints, functional demands and environmental concerns. Our specialized teams strive to balance these forces through sound design, aggressive project management and continual stakeholder engagement.

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Pipeline Engineering

Atwell’s pipeline engineering teams deliver design services to tackle new construction, relocation, replacement and remediation projects in the most demanding of physical and political environments. Project expertise includes steel, cast iron, and HDPE for oil, gas, CO2, petrochemical and HVL products.

Atwell Group
Construction Monitoring

Atwell’s oil and gas project experts can assist in monitoring your project and provide you with verification that your project is being completed in accordance with specific project requirements. Additionally, our project team can assist in contractor scope development, procurement assistance, expediting, change management, start-up and commissioning.

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Atwell’s as-built services provide survey crews along with your construction teams to include full inventory of respective assets, providing all required weld mapping, x-ray numbers, joint and heat numbers on your final deliverables. Additionally, our GIS team is experienced in assisting with transferring this data into asset databases to provide continuous verifiable, traceable, and complete records. Our scanning capabilities also enable us to provide full three-dimensional models of your legacy facilities to fully capture as-built conditions.

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Drone/UAV Technology

Atwell provides drone/UAV technology in the planning, documenting and execution phases on a project. These surveys helps reduce project cost by allowing us to quickly document progress, with HD quality imagery and video to identify real time challenges of a project.

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3D Laser Scanning

Atwell’s 3D Laser Scanners collect more than one million points per second, resulting in 3D digital point cloud, which can be modeled into a virtual 3D environment. This allows our clients to understand what they have and where they have it.

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OPTICS is a visual platform which allows client projects to explore how the data comes together. It is a Geographic Information System (GIS) based system which integrates multiple data streams from diverse sources (survey, environmental, right of way, etc.).

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