Rally support: Self-storage can be the best use for land

Ramzi Georges and Shay Wright share insights on the benefits of self-storage facilities and why it may be the best use for a specific property.

By: Ramzi Georges

The way we live is continuously evolving. There’s a drive to downsize our living spaces without wanting to discard our belongings. To adapt to those changes, people are relying more on self-storage units as a home for their possessions, causing the demand for storage facilities to grow exponentially.

In the past, finding sites for self-storage was simple. Developers sought out underutilized, industrial areas and parks, or areas where large commercial development and retailers were not welcomed or interested in. However, as the number of residential, commercial, and community developments increase, it has become more difficult to find suitable land for self-storage units.

Ramzi Georges and Shay Wright share details on the benefits of self-storage facilities – including the procurement of property taxes and low impact on utilities and why they make a good neighbor. Atwell offers the tools and knowledge to get the most out of a self-storage facility while also considering the community and environment surrounding it.

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