More than 60 interns join Atwell this summer

Summer at Atwell is underway. Along with the added sunshine comes our annual summer internship program.

Over the course of the summer, our interns are learning about every aspect of the company as well as meeting with executive leadership to learn more about their roles. From surveying to construction, marketing to financial management, our interns spend their summers in a hands-on internship that broadens their career knowledge and empowers them with education to make well-rounded decisions.

Our interns have already been hard at work for a few weeks, and we’re thrilled to share the intern class we ushered into the program this year. With more than 60 interns in total, they represent colleges and universities all over the country. We are already seeing great things from this group!

Andrew Finnegan             Robert Morris University

Brandon Barham              University of Michigan

Francesco Ruffino            Michigan State University

Marshall McAnally           University of Central Florida

Benjamin DiMaetto         Penn State – Behrend

Connor Moran                  Robert Morris University

Jack Beggy                         Pennsylvania State University

Paul Fehrenbach               University of Pittsburgh

Rian Griffin                        Pennsylvania State University

Samuel Robinson             Pennsylvania State University

Vrisha Panchal                  University of South Florida

Leah Limber                       Purdue University

Adam Short                       Wayne State University

Anna Isaacson                  Purdue University

Briannna Ziegler               Michigan State University

Hailey Douglas                  Michigan Technological University

Victoria Gardiner              Purdue University

Besarba Myrtaj                 University of South Florida

Cohen Kemper                  University of Kentucky

Francesca Tringali            University of South Florida

Sebastian Jaramillo          Florida State University

Somdeep Nandy               The Pennsylvania State University

Anthony Augustine          Texas A&M University

Benjamin Lenahan           University of Colorado – Boulder

Oliver Davila                      Arizona State University

Calan Barnhardt                Colorado School of Mines

Albert Alvarado                Morrison Institute of Technology

Owen Atkins                      Colorado State University

Cristian Arcienega            Florida Gulf Coast University

Joel Chattoo                      Florida Gulf Coast University

Verena Lake                      The Pennsylvania State University

Amy Ma                              Texas A&M University

Hailey Verrelle                  Penn State University

Bryce Minock                    University of Madison

Henry Krzywiecki              Michigan State University

Justin Burnup                    Texas A&M University

Evan Libensperger           Clemson University

Seth Boyd                           University of Akron

Wyatt Garrett                   University of New Hampshire

Jacob Suarez                      University of Florida

Ashlea Bills                        University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Sydney Brooke                 Wentworth Institute of Technology

Mariana Magallon           University of Texas

Maximillian Brown          University of Washington

Christopher Castillo         University of Washington

Artem Egorov                   University of Florida

Caleb Dreier                      University of Akron

Casey Smith                       Tarleton State University

Jocelyn Dominguez          Arizona State University

Emily Szabo                       Iowa State University

Meila Gjurgjovski             Western Michigan University

Corey Haskins                   Michigan Technological University

Brendan Ireland                University of Michigan

Lawrence Coates               Tarrant County College

Adrian Perez                      University of Central Florida

Tori Northrop                    Florida Gulf Coast University

Noah Witt                          Florida Gulf Coast University

Milana Bender                  Michigan State University

Vince Modarelli                University of Central Florida

Hope Blair                         University of Pittsburgh

Matthew Brancaccio       University of Pittsburgh

Olivia Dodge                    University of Pittsburgh

Riley Bender                    University of Pittsburgh



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