Looking toward the future of the hydrocarbons industry and supporting client investment

We sat down with our hydrocarbons leaders, Vice Presidents Drew Celovsky and Gil Henry, to learn how they built decades-long careers in the industry.


  1. What makes you passionate about the work you do each day?


Drew: There are many things I’m passionate about when it comes to work, particularly these five things: contracts, billable man hours, project execution, project delivery, and collections. But at the forefront, I am most passionate about the team. I honestly feel I am nothing without the team. I enjoy interacting with them, feeding off their energy, and the excellence they bring to the table daily.

Gil: I agree with Drew. A lot of my passion centers around the team itself and what we’re able to build here on the team. I remember when we were young, glassy-eyed engineers and surveyors with no idea of what we were getting into. To see people coming to the industry now and helping develop them in their careers and their leadership is an exciting thing.

The other aspect is what we do day-to-day. Being part of some great opportunities and great projects is just fun. We can look back at the biggest pipeline, oil, or gas projects that are being constructed and know we were part of it. It’s fun to close deals and find new opportunities.


  1. How did you find Atwell and what keeps you here?


Drew: My relationship with Atwell began in a past life while working for another service provider. It was there that I would subcontract projects to Atwell. Eventually, I met with the leadership team, in particular CCO Tim Augustine, President Matt Bissett, and CEO Brian Wenzel. The spirit that these gentlemen embody and have taught me is exactly the reason why I’m still here.

Gil: My story is very similar now. Atwell first approached me about three to four years ago and we started having conversations. Shortly thereafter, they introduced me to Vice President Matt Rosser. I already knew a few people, such as Drew, who had joined Atwell and were happy with the decision. Ultimately, after meeting with Brian Wenzel, Dan McNulty, and Matt Bissett, I knew this was where I wanted to be for the next stage of my career.

When I look at where Atwell is now, the atmosphere around the company, the rapid growth, and the diversification—those things make it a place where you want to be. Coming out of the pandemic, when so many companies were restructuring, Atwell was doing the complete opposite. We’re consistently growing and furthering our reach. In every different aspect, the diversity between land development, all the renewables, and power and energy contribute to our place in the market and potential.


  1. What indicators do you look towards when preparing for the future of the hydrocarbons industry?


Drew: To start, you must understand the respective companies that you wish to pursue. This includes the players at these companies and understanding their visions and long-term plans. Pay attention to their press releases. Have meetings with them and stay engaged. We have to pay attention to the drilling rig counts per basin in conjunction with the environmental and political climates around the world. Bissett also gave me great advice when he said, “Seek first to understand; then, be understood.”

Gil: I agree with understanding the companies you’re interested in. A lot of it is intel from our clients directly. Also, by looking at or listening to their quarterly earnings reports to see where they’re heading and where they are spending money. What aspect are they looking at? This matters because in the hydrocarbon space, it’s not just oil and gas anymore. We’re looking at renewables. We’re looking at CO2 and hydrogen. A lot of our traditional clients are making that turn, and we are well suited to assist them in all aspects of the emerging energy market.


  1. Atwell employees are currently participating in the company’s annual NFL Pick’em Pool to predict which football teams will come out on top this season. What college and professional football teams are you rooting for this fall?


Gil: I’m rooting for LSU (Geaux Tigers!) and the Saints. Will the Saints make it to the Super Bowl? I doubt it. We’ll see, but I doubt it.


  1. What’s one piece of advice you’d offer to someone interested in advancing their career in hydrocarbons?


Drew: Be consistent. Stay engaged and have a full understanding of the industry. If you don’t know, seek the answers that will lead to a successful outcome for not only you, but your team.

Gil: Don’t burn any bridges. The hydrocarbons world, especially the pipeline world, is so incredibly small. When you’re a young engineer, surveyor, or designer coming out of school, it seems like it’s huge and all over the world, but it’s actually very small. People continue to pop-up over time, and you’ll want those relationships in place. You never know who you’re going to be working for, or working next to, tomorrow.

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