Electrification of assets reduces emissions and provides profit opportunities for oil and gas industry

Oil and gas companies have traditionally relied on gas or generators to power their equipment and production. As the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency continues to grow, an increasing number of companies in the industry have started to assess the benefits of providing electric power, or electrification, to their assets. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, companies have discovered cost savings through improved efficiency and reliability in powering equipment, as well as long-term savings from the elimination of gas generator expenses. Electrification of assets allows for profitable extraction at lower prices, reduced emissions, and efficient, automated remote operations.

Electrification in the oil and gas industry refers to using electric power rather than gas or expensive, diesel-powered generators to drive remote equipment and processes. This includes actuated valves, pumps, compressors, and other equipment. Electrification offers multiple benefits for the oil and gas industry, and Atwell has been supporting numerous companies in implementation.

As a firm that specializes in utility-scale power infrastructure development, land, environmental, survey, engineering, and construction management services in the power, oil, and gas markets, Atwell has been able to provide electrification efforts for several customers with an increased level of efficiency. We have the resources and experience to support everything from determining the viability of electrification to routing, engineering, design, and ultimately, through construction support.

To date, we have designed and routed the construction of more than 40 miles of electrical distribution lines, providing power to more than 60 existing facilities for previously gas-powered equipment and new facilities. Atwell’s work has delivered electric power to a rapidly increasing number of wellheads, well pad compressors, electronic submersible pumps (ESPs), SWD tank batteries, compressor stations, meter stations, and more.

Through electrification, Atwell has assisted our clients in reaching their goals of reducing emissions and saving on operational expenses. Our clients have consistently chosen us to work on their electrification projects because we bring multi-market knowledge, full-service resources, and dedicated teams under one structure. We are proud to be a part of the industry’s mission toward a more sustainable future and look forward to bringing our expertise to more projects in the upcoming years.

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