Atwell’s evolving ESG program will impact its people, clients, and communities

Atwell is continually evolving to best support its employees, clients, and the communities it serves. As part of this progression, Atwell is presenting a formalized Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) program, tying ESG and our existing programs together to improve the employee experience.

For many years, the Atwell Family of Companies has enhanced its culture through investing in employee programs that support the values of its staff. This month, we’re excited to further advance our program with additional areas of impact and measurement of our impacts via our ESG program.

Through our ESG program, we’re encouraging the responsible use of resources, supporting clients in their ESG goals, incorporating environmental and greenhouse gas considerations into our work, and giving back to our communities across the United States. With the creation of a new internal ESG Panel, we are stepping up our efforts to establish formal goals and plans to measure the positive impact we can collectively make on our world.

Ahna Quichocho, Atwell’s Health, Safety, and Sustainability Coordinator, is leading the Atwell ESG Panel to develop metrics and measurements that will help guide the company forward as we propel and evolve our ESG program.

“I’m excited about the opportunity we have as a company to step into a leadership role on ESG, given our national presence and localized impact on many communities,” says Quichocho. “Atwell has been doing a great job in many aspects of ESG for a number of years now, and establishing the ESG Panel is reflective of the fact that we saw an opportunity to bring this all together in a measurable way to ensure that we’re taking care of our people and our environment.”

The ESG panel has been actively introducing efforts to the Atwell team, with measures such as:

  • A humanitarian at a company meeting, which created more than 2,000 hygiene kits for distribution to the unhoused
  • A new policy for the Fleet team to reduce emissions through a reduction in idling
  • A virtual kickoff call to formally introduce the ESG program to the Atwell Family of Companies
  • An ESG Handbook representing our ESG initiatives, resources, and programs available


One of the essential criteria in implementing a strong ESG program is the continued support of leadership.

“Atwell leadership supports our efforts and really wants to ensure that our mission and values are clear,” Quichocho states. “They want to make sure that employees are connected and empowered to make an impact in our communities and company. There has been no hesitation at the corporate level in working with the Panel to make a greater impact, and they have been strong advocates of doing the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do.”

Quichocho hopes that the panel, which is composed of employees from various departments and levels, will serve as a testament to Atwell’s dedication to thoughtful, action-oriented ESG initiatives and open conversations for others to be a part of the mission.

“We want everyone to know that sustainability at Atwell is driven by us, the employees,” Quichocho affirms. “We want everyone to feel like they are a part of this because they are. By participating in company events, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), and company news releases, we can generate discussions and conversations that lead to actions which advance our ESG work.

“We are not just checking a box,” she adds. “We are actively working to create positive change for the greater good.”

With the support of executive leadership, our ESG Panel is driving our program forward. The Panel is made up of the following team members:

  • Deb Wilson, Vice President and ESG Executive Sponsor
  • Ahna Quichocho, Health, Safety, and Sustainability Coordinator
  • Cortney Miles, Director of Marketing
  • Meg Thornton, Director of Environmental Services
  • Joshua Hall, Facilities & Fleet Services Manager
  • Hamilton Zachariahs, Director of Acquisition Analysis & Integration
  • Sarah Zwaagstra, Marketing Specialist


With geographic, market, and client expansion on the horizon, leading the industry with an ESG strategy is incredibly important. Our internal sustainability efforts, combined with projects that support clients in their ESG goals, help position us for continued long-term growth while providing a supportive work-life balance aligned with the culture across the organization.


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