Andrew DeWitt featured on the PlanetGeo Podcast

Atwell Summer Science Institute with Andrew DeWitt

How does a person discover the geosciences and what degree helps them get there? What type of career opportunities are available for a professional in the geoscience industry?

In the latest episode of “PlanetGeo,” Andrew DeWitt sat down with the co-hosts to answer those questions and discuss much more. Andrew has a background in geoscience and is the Director of the Environmental group at Atwell. He recently returned from leading a three-week trip with the Summer Science Institute. Supported and partially funded by Atwell, the Summer Science Institute is a competitive program that takes select high school seniors on a field course to gain hands-on learning about the sciences.

In addition to his education and background in the industry, this interview answers questions like:

    1. – What makes geoscience unique in comparison to other sciences?
    2. – What career opportunities exist for geoscientists?
    3. – What educational recommendations are there for people who want to go into a niche field of science?
    4. – How did Andrew DeWitt find his path into geoscience and how has it helped him in his current role?


To listen to the full podcast, click here.

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