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With a booming trend towards outdoor experience-oriented travel, Atwell has the capability to help resort operators find and develop unique, first-class resorts that reflect and preserve the integrity of the environment.

Atwell’s expertise in recreational RV and resort development combines our proficiency in dealing with the challenging nature of developing in remote and natural areas requirements, along with the leveraging our experience and knowledge of the latest trends in resort amenities and lodging. This synergistic approach has been successfully applied to developing the most successful and groundbreaking RV resorts throughout the country.

Atwell’s broad hospitality portfolio also includes hotel development, mixed-use entertainment venues, professional sports and racing facilities, and large-scale recreational parks. Typically working alongside project architects, we deliver early information helpful in site selection, planning and design activities, as well as master planning services to accommodate multiple developers, partners and tenants.

Special consideration is given to the site design features required to accommodate the unique demands on such developments, as well as the public interaction with them. A team approach starting in the project vision phase ensures that the customer experience is enhanced through land planning, site development and construction efforts. Providing expansion and remodel support during operations is also possible with an understanding on the potential impact to business cycles, seasons and customer safety.

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