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Atwell, LLC is committed to a standard of health and safety excellence. We affirm to our Company employees, Clients, and the Communities in which we work that we will always conduct business activities in a manner that is protective of human health, safety and the environment. Our employees along with the consultants, contractors, and vendors under our operating control must manage health, safety and environmental performance in line with this commitment.

We Will:

Continuously ensure that all of our activities comply with federal, state, provincial, and local health, safety, and environmental statutes and regulations. We will make every effort to exceed those standards whenever possible to further enhance health, safety and environmental stewardship.

Plan work on the principle of safety first to pursue the goal of no harm to people or the environment.

Strive to continually improve the performance of Atwell’s health, safety and management systems. This includes providing the necessary training, equipment and procedures to ensure a safe work environment.

Conduct audits and self-assessments of compliance with the policies, measure progress of Atwell’s health and safety performance to ensure that results demonstrate continual improvement, and report our performance periodically to the senior leadership team at Atwell.

Ensure that every employee, consultant, contractor, and vendor on Atwell’s premises or projects is accountable and responsible for adhering to this commitment and complying with the law, policies and all related procedures.

Ensure that every employee holds the right and responsibility to intervene in unsafe or non-compliant situations, and to refuse work if they believe that a dangerous situation or imminent danger exists at a work site.

Ensure that every employee is encouraged to seek guidance, without fear of ramifications, if they have reason to believe that Atwell’s health, safety and environmental standards are being violated. Atwell’s managers are expected to take prompt and appropriate remedial action if notified of a health or safety concern.

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