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Atwell is committed to helping companies reduce their carbon emissions through a range of solutions, including our expertise and experience in carbon capture sequestration (CCS), hydrogen, renewable natural gas (RNG), and equipment electrification.

In addition to providing a wide range of comprehensive engineering, design, survey, land, environmental, and construction support services, our company provides valuable, in-depth understanding of the commercial economies associated with each of these efforts. We help our clients weigh the benefits and risks of each solution through consultative and economic advisement, FEED studies, integrated schedule development, capital cost estimation, spending curve analysis, and risk assessments. Our goal is to equip our clients with the information and tools needed to determine the best approach to reducing carbon emissions and provide trusted solutions through the completion of your projects.

Carbon Capture, Transportation, and Sequestration (CCS)
Carbon capture, transportation, and sequestration is a process of capturing carbon dioxide from industrial sources and transporting it via pipeline or other means to a site for safe storage underground. Atwell's experience and understanding of these types of projects an asset to companies that are seeking this approach.

The interest in seeking hydrogen as an alternative energy source is growing exponentially. Atwell has the expertise and experience in turn-key hydrogen solutions that makes us a trusted partner for companies and their key stakeholders looking for opportunities to advance hydrogen into the energy space.

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)
Renewable Natural Gas, or Biogas, is produced from organic materials and is one of the leading causes of methane release in the atmosphere. At Atwell, we offer solutions for the gathering, transportation, and distribution of RNG. Our front-end and comprehensive services ensure successful project delivery starting with analysis and conception, throughout the project lifecycle.

Equipment Electrification
Electrification in the oil and gas industry refers to using electric power rather than gas or diesel-powered generators to drive remote equipment and processes. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, companies have discovered cost savings through improved efficiency and reliability in powering equipment, as well as long-term savings from the elimination of gas generator expenses.

To date, we have designed and routed the construction of more than 40 miles of electrical distribution lines, providing power to more than 60 existing facilities for previously gas-powered equipment and new facilities. Atwell’s work has delivered electric power to a rapidly increasing number of wellheads, well pad compressors, electronic submersible pumps (ESPs), SWD tank batteries, compressor stations, meter stations, and more.


  • Site Selection Support
  • FEED/Feasibility Studies
  • Process Modeling
  • Detailed Engineering and Design
  • Survey/Mapping/As-Builts
  • 3D Scanning Services
  • Regulatory Services
  • Environmental Assessment & Permitting Strategy
  • Federal, State and Local Permitting Support
  • Right of Way Acquisition Support
  • Program Management
  • Construction Staking
  • Construction Management

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