Atwell Internship

Why select the Atwell Internship Program?

  • Find a Culture Where You Will Make an Impact and Thrive
  • Test Drive a Company
  • Test Drive Your Career Choice
  • Become Part of Something Special
  • Gain Exposure into New Industries and Clients
  • Find a Team that Has National Exposure: Focusing on Local Expertise
  • Have Bragging Rights Over your Peers and Bring Home Some Cool Swag!

The cornerstones of Atwell’s culture include passion, teamwork and an entrepreneurial spirit. As you become part of the Atwell Internship Team, you will experience a supportive, collaborative, and creative work environment where you will make an impact and are encouraged to stretch, learn and expand your personal and professional skills. Atwell maintains a diverse industry blend of projects and clients giving you full exposure to test drive your major and identify your dream career path.

We take the internship program very seriously and create an environment for you to grow your career. Our mission is to be the best every project, every day. You will be part of a team to deliver results to our clients and learn from the best leaders in the country.

We welcome land planners, surveyors, GIS analysists, engineers, biologists, landscape architects, and business professionals.


Atwell Group

We organize our internship class by teams. You will be part of the Industry Internship Team focused on a specific industry such as Real-estate and Land Development, Power and Energy or Oil and Gas. We also bring together all our interns from around the country to form the Annual Internship Team. You will meet with this team on a weekly basis to explore professional development topics such as presentation skills, negotiation skills, industry trends and even career coaching.

Choosing an Atwell internship is an active investment in your future. Whether it is a summer program, where you go back to school in the fall, or an annual flexible internship program where you work when you are able, our internship program launches day 1 with a detailed on-boarding plan.


Starting on Day 1 – You will receive an on-boarding plan that will help you navigate the first 90 days. This plan is focused on 5 – core areas.

  • Company Knowledge, Market Sectors and Services
  • Industry Exposure and Client Opportunities
  • Position Expectations and Career Pathing
  • Dedicated Mentorship, Leadership and Team Support
  • Personal and Professional Development

While working with your leader, mentor, and your dedicated team, you will gain exposure to Atwell market sectors and projects, industry tools and software resources, while gaining a healthy appreciation for the work that truly changes the communities where we live, work and play.

Networking and communication skills are vital to building confidence and accelerating your future growth. We create a supportive environment and encourage networking and providing professional connections.

Our goal is to provide a platform for gaining knowledge and building upon the skills learned in the classroom. We want to help you apply those skills into practical application on market-changing projects. Whether you are working on a 100,000-acre windfarm, updating a plan on a NASCAR racetrack, expanding the National Football Hall of Fame or planning a 4,000-acre masterplan community, you will be in the middle of it.

We will:

  • Challenge you to get out of your comfort zone
  • Encourage you to meet others
  • Provide a platform to learn about trending industries and cutting-edge projects
  • Include you into a dynamic internship team from around the country
  • Push you to grow professionally with book clubs, mentorship, presentations and engagement.
  • Ask that you take a backpack full-of awesome swag back to your campus!

Grow Yourself

It isn’t all technical fun and games around here. We teach our interns about the importance of “people skills”. For example, throughout the program you will participate in a bi-weekly book club reading such books as "How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age" by Dale Carnegie.

Internship Testimonials

My time with Atwell has been nothing short of extraordinary. I served as a Civil Engineering Intern during my entire college career (2015-2020) and soon after obtaining my degree from Kennesaw State University, I began a full-time position as an Engineer in the Marietta, Georgia office.

— Addie, 3rd Year Intern, GeorgiaShow MoreShow Less

I have had the wonderful opportunity and privilege to intern at Atwell LLC for nearly 2 years on the Real Estate and Land Development team in a part-time role.

— Michael, 3rd Year Intern, GeorgiaShow MoreShow Less

This isn’t a ‘fetch my coffee’ kind of internship program. Atwell interns do it ALL. This is my 3rd summer working on a program for a national retailer. With a focus on civil engineering, I work with an engineering mentor to walk me through important processes and procedures, such as QA/QC to address changes from the Project Manager and client, and how to address unforeseen field conditions by documenting changes on the construction drawings.”

— Michael, 3rd Year Intern, Michigan

I had the best internship experience at Atwell. I was part of the Land development team and worked on active projects. I had significant interaction with my mentor, team and leader and felt truly appreciated. I was part of detailed discussions on markets and trends and was part of the team that presented at a planning commission meeting. An Atwell internship is a well-rounded experience where you will understand the company, markets and services offered to the Atwell client base all while being mentored by the best in the industry.

— Justin, 2nd year Intern, Arizona

I loved the intern team concept and meetings. Specifically, the ones involving the leaders who talked in detail about different aspects of the industry and the crucial life/early career lessons that they learned throughout their years, so we do not have to make the same mistakes and also we are able to get a head start.

I was put right into action the first week by my team leader and my mentor. I learned so much about my role and Civil 3D in such a short amount of time and everyone was extremely helpful through Microsoft teams and in the office. They structured my internship experience in a great way -- Basically, everything I did during the summer is the same exact things I will be doing in my full-time position come January. This way, I already know what I am going to be getting into and have set expectations. Also, I already have the foundation laid out so the transition to full-time goes faster and smoother. I was exposed to tons of different tasks. Nothing was repetitive or overbearing to where I thought I couldn't take it on. I truly felt like I was a part of the team and the culture. Huge shoutout to the Naperville team in general, they are a fantastic group of people and it speaks volumes for the culture Atwell has established.

— Austin, 2nd Year Intern, Illinois

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